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** Audition Notice **

William Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Auditions will be held at the Brunswick Recreation Center at 7 pm on August 26th and 27th

Emily Beck, a recent Brunswick High graduate will be directing under the supervision of Stayce Nabors. Emily has performed in several of our shows and we are very excited to provide her first opportunity to direct!

Looking for youth and adults to fill various roles. Please come prepared to read from the script and dress to move. Also please bring a headshot and a list of all conflicts.
Rehearsals will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the rec center.

Please contact the director Emily Beck with any questions regarding the audition at

Note: Casting will not be based on age of actors but how well they can portray the character range.

Cast of Characters
Hermia (female 16-25) – Daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander, friends with Helena short, romantic
Lysander (male 16-25) – In love with Hermia, enemy of Demetrius, romantic
Helena (female 16-25) – Friends with Hermia, in love with Demetrius, tall, desperate
Demetrius (male 16-25) – In love with Hermia, enemy of Lysander, prideful
Egeus (male 40-50) – father of Hermia
Thesues (male 50-60) – Duke of Athens
Hippolyta (female 50-60) – Queen of the Amazon, engaged to Thesues
Philostrate (m/f any age) – Theseus’ advisor
Quince (male 20-30) – a workman and playwright
Bottom/Pyramus (male 20-30) - a workman who is turned into a donkey, cocky
Flute/Thisby (male 20-30) – a workman
Snout/Wall (m/f any age) – a workman
Starveling/Moonshine (m/f any age) – a workman
Snug/Lion (m/f any age) – a workman
Oberon (male 20-60) – King of the fairies, prideful, handsome
Titania (female 20-60) – Queen of the fairies, prideful, beautiful

Performances will be November 8th, 9th and 10th at the Brunswick Recreation Center

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